John 3:16

For God So Loved The World That He Gave His

Only Begotten Son ( Christ Jesus ) That Whosoeverth

Believeth In Him Shall Not Perish But


Saturday, March 27, 2010

God Loves You All the Time

God Loves You All The Time.

Anytime You Need Him Just Call

Out His Name. Pray To Him.

Jesus Will Hear You Too


Pray As Often As You Can. God is

Listening !!

Thanks for Reading Your Bible

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pray and Pray Often


Thanks for Reading Thy Bible

When Your Down and Out Ask God for Help

Pray these Prayers From the BIBLE:

"Ask and You Shall Recieve"

"Seek and You Shall Find"

"Knock and the Door Shall Open"

Ask God to come into your Life. Get on

your Knees, as I have, and ask God for


When you think your life is going bad

take a look around you. God has already

Blessed you with a Great Country to Live

in. Look at China and N. Korea. People

over their are Starving, your not.

God has already Blessed you. And Anytime

You need God, just Pray to Him. And God

Shall answer your Prayers. Remember though,

He'll answer your prayer in his time. God knows

whats in your Future and you don't. So Pray

often. AMEN

Thanks for Reading Thy Bible

The Greatest is Love...

God says in the Bible that the Greatest is


Thanks for Reading Thy Bible.